Asset and Management Solutions for Global Intermodal Logistics

REZ-1 creates powerful solutions that enable our customers to get the most out of their business. REZ-1 applications and technology standardize, automate and streamline key asset and transportation management processes. REZ-1 builds communities of trading partners through data integration and web applications so they can interact with customers on a neutral platform in an efficient and standardized manner.

Solutions to Keep Assets Productive and Shipments Visible

As the leading provider of asset management, shipment visibility, equipment reservation, billing and reload services to the intermodal and global logistics industries, REZ-1 delivers powerful solutions designed to maximize asset utilization and shipment visibility.

The REZ-1 suite of cloud-based solutions combines network connectivity and real time — including mobile and IoT — data capture with operational planning, execution and performance measurement. The solutions are provided to customers and trading partners according to their technical capabilities: web application, enterprise system integration or mobile app.

  • REZ-1 Asset Management

    REZ-1 Asset Management tracks customer assets and suppliers with real-time visibility, flexible inventory management, and financial controls to maximize fleet utilization and profitability. Our asset management tools allow for intelligent distribution and pre-allocation of assets, providing a customizable, customer self-service reservation platform for maximizing yield per asset.

  • REZ-1 Domestic Reload

    REZ-1 Domestic Reload enables asset owners to provide visibility and booking of available containers to avoid costly repositioning fees, while moving excess equipment from surplus areas to port locations in the North American domestic market. Once a Domestic Reload move commences, REZ-1 tracks the container to provide visibility of its status and location to both the asset owner and user. Once complete, REZ-1 invoices the move and performs automated settlement, streamlining the process for owner and user.

  • REZ-1 Dispatch Manager

    REZ-1 Dispatch Manager provides real time first and last-mile shipment visibility to logistics providers, freight forwarders, ocean carriers and beneficial cargo owners and standardizes transport order workflow across a connected network of service providers. REZ-1 Dispatch supports ocean, air, LCL/LTL, international and domestic moves, resulting in increased profit, better service provider relations, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • REZ-1 Equipment Repair

    REZ-1 Equipment Repair streamlines the maintenance and repair process by connecting asset owners to their intermodal partners and vendors, resulting in reduced costs, increased utilization, and better operational data.

Our Solutions Provide

  • Asset Tracking
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Fulfillment
  • Equipment Reservations
  • Shipment Execution
  • Billing, Collections, and Settlement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Asset Optimization
  • Trading Partner Connectivity