Asset Management

REZ-1 offers a full suite of customizable offerings that are able to meet the asset management needs of your organization. With our background as a forerunner in technology, REZ-1’s software allows you to keep track of your assets and ensure that they’re being used to their most effective capacity. REZ-1 offers the following asset management services:

  • Tracking – We receive key relevant data and process it to ensure its accuracy and integrity. Once compiled, we use this information and your preferences to present a user-friendly display of location, condition, status, and other key information points relevant to your asset needs.
  • Demand Fulfillment – This service allows users to receive your customer demand in advance as to best determine your equipment allocation process, preferred distribution methods, and desired scheduling. Our users are also able to determine the needs of the key customers according to predetermined tiers, allowing for a dynamically-adjustable fulfillment strategy.
  • Reservation Management – Once demand is determined, and the best assets allocated, this service executes the authorizing process, ensuring the customer has a valid reservation and the correct reservation number is relayed to the appropriate party.
  • Shipment Execution – This service manages key parts of the shipment on behalf of customers, and is exclusive to the REZ-1 system. Using our extensive network, REZ-1 will manage the receipt, translation, and issuance of rail billing instructions for the railroads on behalf of our customers. At this point, users will have the flexibility of assigning instructions for each move, including assigning drayman. This service ensures that the formatting and instructions are received and acknowledged prior to a shipment.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

We provide our customers with access to stored asset and program metric information giving them the ability to establish KPIs, set target goals, thresholds, and integrate data. This information allows them the flexibility to perform optimization, extract meaningful insight, and analyze relevant business to make strategic and tactical decisions.

This information is delivered to our customers in the flexible formats they require whether it be in dashboards, cubes, reports or extracts. Our services include data analysis to highlight areas for potential improvement, bench-marking against peers, and the additional, helpful insight needed to make the right business decisions.

Billing and Financial Services

REZ-1 provides our customers with the opportunity to maximize their yield and make the best decisions by employing flexible charge configurations. Our billing service includes the management of our customers’ program rules and specific customer rates in order to apply their business rules to calculate charges for program participants, and invoice their customers. In addition to billing, REZ-1 offers our users the following financial services:

  • Collections – Our collection service allows our customers to rely on timely funds from their customers. This service provides electronic collections and submission of funds within their agreed upon program rules. This back room service leverages our neutral, third party position to ensure appropriate funds are collected and not negotiated away.
  • Equipment Financial Services – This service includes supporting the management of interline usage agreements and activity charges between asset owners and asset users. Often there are balancing arrangements or bi-lateral agreements that participants agree upon for successful partnerships, and our neutrality, trusted and accurate information and electronic financial transfers allow us to efficiently execute their financial agreements.
  • Program Management – REZ-1 offers a back room program management service, since every program requires updates, communication to the marketplace of users, and general program administration. REZ-1 offers specific contract management for asset owners and other program participants to have an effective mechanism for changes, and a neutral third party to help ensure contract adherence.

Customer Service and Training

REZ-1 ensures that the daily operations of your program run smoothly. Customer issues are initiated via phone or online transactions, and a dedicated team focuses on timely and accurate issue resolution, with a focus on an exceptional customer experience. We provide training on our applications, work with rail partners to maintain a smooth asset reservation process, and ensure the data integrity of tracking and billing information to provide users reliable, real-time information.