Client Accolades


“I think the relationship we’ve developed with REZ-1 (and Sherie!) over the past few years has been stellar, and I really appreciate the partnership. I have loved the focus on getting data directly into our hands through the standard reports and the self-service tool.”

Amanda Leonard of CSX


“REZ-1 gives me the tools to monitor inventory and demand in real-time as well as analyze historical data to facilitate business decisions. Their willingness to listen to customer input makes the application easier to use with each new update.”

Greg Beimourtrusting of CSX


“The REZ-1 reservation system allows for a streamlined equipment allocation process, and is backed by a great customer support team.”

Russ Frayer of Mode Transportation


“The business intelligence tools that REZ-1 provides are an invaluable part of my day to day operations.”

Ron MacDonald of Cornerstone Systems


“REZ-1 has moved from an IT Rail Box Management and Collection Company, for whom I worked in 2010; to a Solutions based Technology Company. When it comes to box management, there is no service better than REZ-1.”

Jeff Brashares of TTS LLC